Heavy Nettle x LOL, 2022                            food experience, art residency

Scent of Citrus, 2022                            food experience, art residency

In, From, With, 2022                            art direction, book design

Bless Your Hands, 2021                            video and sound collage, group show

Modern Spells, 2021                            edible installation, group show

Zusammen(er)leben, 2021                            collective experiment, art residency

Aural Oral by Grace Denis, 2021                            food experience

Microplanting x Nalan, 2021                            video collage

Restaurant of the Heart, 2020-2021                            cooking, writing

Roots for Space Drum Meditation, 2020                            video collage

Terrapolis Collective, 2019-Ongoing                            food experience, writing

Fruit Sensation for Chakrubs, 2019                            art direction, photography

Joya Halper SS2019, 2019                            analog and digital collage

NEW/AVE ebb and flow, 2019                            texile collage, photography

Assembling Worlds, 2019-Ongoing                            analog collage

Rudolf Abramov, 2019                            art direction, photography

Awkwardly Social, 2017-2019                            art direction, branding, collage