gal sherizly is a multidisciplinary artist, working primarily with collages as a tool to render speculations of possible worlds. her work aims to stimulate senses through the use of colours and textures. collage is assembled on paper, analogue film, or video, but also with odours and flavours–as an act of merging different origins. gal uses cooking as a form of engaging response-ability and a way to partake in reciprocity.

her practice explores the notion of sympoiesis (from greek: collaboratively-making) as a medium of exchange, informing the work and generating new modalities of sensorial communication. sympoiesis suggests a multilayered mixture of transdisciplinary practices that harmonize together rather than prioritizing an individualized way of working. mushrooms symbolize as a poetic inspiration for collaboration–all aim to interconnect a multitude of diversity, finding a sense of coherence across contradictions.

for inquiries about commissions, collaborations, and current exhibitions please contact here. for visiting our gallery and atelier a room of her own schedule a meeting here at weisestraße 58, 12049 berlin.


creative & art direction                                         photography & video                                          graphic design

conceptual cooking                                             event management                                           creative research