gal (shey/shem) aka fungal9669 is an anti-disciplinary creator, interested in healing and listening practices with the intention to attune to her-story and more-than-human tales. shey collages edible matter, medicinal plants, sounds and visuals into food experiences, installations, workshops, written word and storytelling. drawn to ancestral and embodied knowledges, gal ferments ingredients and situates them in the temporality and locality of a specific environment. shey creates recipes for rituals, in which each ritual is a seed on the pathway of change and transformation. gal engages with the notion of sympoiesis (rooted in greek for collectively-making) as a medium of exchange. sympoiesis, like polyrhythm, assembles a multi-layered tapestry of practices, perspectives and rhythms that nourish and enrich each other. observing beyond the visible, shey finds inspiration in mushrooms and their underground mycelial networks, as teachers of reciprocal relationships.

for inquiries about commissions, collaborations, and current exhibitions please contact here.