Terrapolis Collective, 2019-2021
food experience, storytelling, workshop | plant-based ingredients, people | collaboration

terrapolis collective is a group of transdisciplinary artists composed of grace denis,
gal sherizly, and 
jo vávra; it formed through an encounter of the three in august 2019 in portugal in which nothing was planned, but grew naturally into existence. the collective illustrates layers of polyrhythm, complementing each others’ acts while accepting the tangled complexity of hosting performative meals. accepting decay and ruins helps the collective to learn to live with and to compose and decompose meals and experiences from them.

terrapolis collective seeks to ally a variety of species at the table together. through processes of collaboration and storytelling they aim to engage the audience in exploration of local possibilities, apply the notion of response-ability, as suggested by ecofeminist and storyteller donna haraway, and share awareness of impacts of growing and transporting food. locality and seasonality are the core pillars of the modality of fabricating plant-based menus. storytelling is explored through the medium of taste and smell, with complementary visual stimuli and an embellishment of written and spoken word.

Terrapolis #01

exploring donna haraway’s notion of companion species, and translating those relations into dishes. each dish represented a complementary pairing of plants that are beneficial to each other’s growth and convey a multispecies collaboration. the first edition of terrapolis took place in the fisherman village of fonte da telha, portugal, in ruins of the infamous tarzan taborda’s brutalist castle. terrapolis #01 aim to give tribute to its creator and to sprout a new life within the old walls–to respond to the ruins of the castle, and stay with them.

menu assembled together with chef marek rusiński
music and space design: david tonnerre

Terrapolis #02

the second edition of terrapolis was hosted by BOA, a temporal immersive art space, during lisbon art weekend in november 2019. foraged plants from around the village were implemented in the menu, revealing the village’s beauty while trash resulted by the fishermen daily activity enfolded as a table decoration. in this meal the collective delves deeper into amicable, and sympoietic relations of the fall’s crops, articulating the landscapes’ changing color into the menu. guests were invited to sit at table of cum pants, and collectively explore the possibilities of coexistence, and reciprocity connections through a food lexicon. each dish explored notions lent from nature, telling their stories through words, tastes and structures.

exhibiting artists: camilo villegas, felipe martinez-villalba, and stefanie pullin
natural wine pairing: florian tonello from la di da di wines

Sympoiesis, 2020-2021
collective writing, cooking workshop | plant-based ingredients, people | collaboration

as part of the collective lexicon, in, from & with, terrapolis collective wrote upon the notion of sympoiesis (from greek: collectively-making) and developed an exercise to embody the term. participants of the workshop are encouraged to collaborate through mutual exchange, coming together, and cooking.