NEW/AVE ebb and flow, 2019
patchwork scarf with handmade embroidery | fabric rests: cotton, denim, organza, natural dye | 30x300cm, 50x120cm, 85x85cm | personal

new/ave emerged after a year of feeling standing in place, not moving, sinking rather than grounding, i re-encountered the ocean, my safe place, which brought fresh energy and inspiration. experiencing stagnation and lacking new inputs can block one from unfolding, and transforming. the scarves seek to embody the water movement that constructs the ocean, and also have phases of stillness silence is the period where we charge and process our impressions, before a new period of creation. like water and waves we rise and fall, we have the tides of ebb and flow. the project aims to embody the stillness and wildness of the water through dance, using the scarves as an extension of the body.

photography: gal sherizly
model: micaela terk
painting: william blake, oberon titania and puck with fairies dancing, 1786

it is about accepting the silence of the water;
the non-movement;
the standing still period;
perceiving those as a force-creative-recharge-period.
now is the time of becoming-with the water,
of letting go, and going with the flow.

let the movement begin from the deepest part of the ocean;
from our inner guts;
from our emotions.
let the salty water wash the pain away,
heal the wounds,
and start dancing with-in the ocean.