Zusammen(er)leben, 2021
artist in residence
communal experiment | mixed matter | commission

zusammen(er)leben, from german: living (and experiencing) together. the project intends to re-sensibilize all senses, sharpening our awareness of nature and generating ways of being, in and with nature.

as part of “lindau gartenschau” 2021 the group transformed the area marked on the map in the pulvertobel near streitelsfingen into an experimental outdoor gallery. an exhibition in nature and with its conditions. during the course of three weeks, the artists complemented the experiment with workshops and guided tours. during this period temporary works were created and developed in symbiosis and reciprocity with the environment, in which the project was situated.

the group explored various practices that can be experienced while working together; starting with laying a route from the dead trees that blocked passage into the forest; building a paper mill that was generated by the force of the river; dag for loam and clay by the side of the river and constructed the heart of the project: the kitchen. with daily foraging walks and a weekly supply of fruits and vegetables, they didn’t need much more to survive (german: überleben).

made in collaboration with albertine mietusch, karolina kaiser, leonie loehr, madeline wagner, and nhu huynh at pulvertobel in streitelsfingen, lindau am bodensee,
germany, june 2021

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