Aural Oral, 2021
cooking performance | plant-based | commission

“aural oral explores a meal as a sonic meditation, proposing a reflection on processes of cultivation and consumption. presented as a performative moment in creative research, the meal pairs an auditory archive of its ingredients with its ingestion. each accompanying track sketches a sonic cartography of the dish, amplifying the micro actions of the farm and the kitchen. the series implements piezo microphones and hydrophones to take contact recordings of culinary actions such as chopping, slicing, grating, as well as cultivation actions such as digging and harvesting. aural oral magnifies the miniscule gestures of both the chef and the farmer to illuminate the intricacies of these practices. the ambient soundscape poses an examination of subtle processes, offering the audience a sensorial relationship with the meal that extends beyond the domain of the gustatory.” – grace denis

aural oral concept: grace denis
menu: grace denis and gal sherizly
vegetables and location: praz bonjour
ceramics: yusuké y. offhause
photography: gal sherizly
presented in foodculture days second chapter from the forests’ ashes