In, From, With: Exploring Collaborative Survival, 2021
book | offset print | 150 x 190mm | commission

in, from & with is an activatable lexicon that explore the notion of collaborative survival, as suggested by anthropologist anna tsing. driven from curiosity to see “how people ingest and digest this idea of collaborative survival, and how we can create something together not at distance,” artist and researcher grace denis invited 24 various artists, chefs, biologists and others to create an embodied lexicon together. the book encourages the reader to interact with its surrounding and develop a relationship with more-than-humans. “the various exercises and recipes nourish digestion through an invitation to meander beyond the page and commune with neighbouring ecosystems.

editing: grace denis
design: gal sherizly

contributors: adwoa addae, agustine zegers, angela chan, anna tsing, asha mines, catriona sandilands, david horvitz, eden batki, fernando garcia dory, gal sherizly, grace denis, jessie french, jo vávra, justine parkin, in co lab, institute for interspecies arts and relations, lichen kelp, loren kronemyer, nic hamilton, noon tran, nora slade, oola, sanctuary slimane, sara graorac, sarita dougherty, sean roy parker, sophia winitsky, susanna battin, tarangini saxena, terrapolis collective, terrell villiers

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